Safety Norms for Watersports SAFETY NORMS FOR WATERSPORTS

These regulations are applicable for watersport centers offering water-skiing, sailing, parasailing, kayaking, canoeing, powerboat handling including water-scooter and Jet Ski rides. Norms have been drafted separately for SCUBA diving and river rafting. It is mandatory for the operators to fulfill all mandatory requirements before commencement of operation.

The Norms can be accessed from or

Inspection of Watersports Centers

Institute has framed safety and operational Norms for every form of watersports, which the Govt. of India has notified. There are other State Legislations as well, stipulating standards for operation of leisure-watersporting. In observance to those, inspection and certification of the watersports centers are undertaken by the Institute. It is illegal to operate the watersports activities, especially higher versions like Jet Ski, Parasail, SCUBA diving etc., without being inspected and certified by the Institute or similar agencies. 

Procedure: Inspections are carried out on the request from the government bodies and/or individual operators. Towards inspection, watersports center shall have to pay the fees as decided by the Institute from time to time.