Certification & Validity

Process of Certification - Courses are conducted in accordance to the international standards for recreational boating and water sporting.
- In each course, trainees are taken through a stage-by-stage process of knowledge and skill development.
- Progress in trainees is evaluated continuously and his/her performance is briefed to them regularly. At the end of course, trainees are briefed on their overall performance at the valedictory ceremony.
- Certificate or/and license (as case may be) are awarded only to those subjecting themselves for evaluation and declared pass in all modules
Learners’ CertificationFor some certification such as Parasailing Operations and ‘White-water Rafting Guide, 1st certification shall be as ‘Learners License’. Confirmed certification is issued upon fulfilling stipulated formalities including number of independent operations. Duly endorsed Log Register shall be produced to this effect.
Re-TestThe module(s) in which a trainee does not attain requisite grade/ marks is advised for Re-test. She/he should practice/learn sufficiently in respective modules and on acquiring stipulated standards should approach the Institute for ‘Re-test’ and certification.
This mechanism is meant to ensure that a trainee is qualified enough and equipped with necessary skills and knowledge for award of the license and certificate. Time limit for completion of Re-test procedure is three-months from the last day of respective training. The trainee should express her/his readiness for Re-test in writing to the Institute within permissible time limit and to complete the process accordingly. Any claim afterwards shall be treated as null and void.
However, if a course of similar nature was not scheduled by the Institute in the stipulated three-month period, request of the trainee will be considered for the next immediate course but only if applied within the permissible time limit. A maximum of two chances are given to the trainees for ‘Re-test’ without charges. Any attempt beyond this would be chargeable @ Rs. 500/- per attempt.

Note: It shall be totally upon the trainee to approach the Institute for Re-test date and completing the procedure for licensing. Institute shall, in no way, be responsible for intimating the trainee about ‘Re-test’ or his failure in doing so.
Validity of CertificationThe license and certificate issued to successful trainees are valid for 02 years.
On expiry/at the time of taking admission to re-validation course, original license should be submitted to Institute. Fresh licenses are issued only on surrendering licenses in original or on execution of necessary affidavit and related documents.
Re validation/ renewal of Certification- The Certification shall be valid for a period of TWO YEARS
- Objective of refresher course is to ensure higher-level of operational efficiency and safety practices by up-dating of knowledge and skill competencies.
- The physical fitness of the Certificate holders shall be assessed periodically and before Certification
- For re-validation/renewal in each certification, License Holder has to undergo a two-day refresher course.
- A nominal fee shall be charged towards Re-validation course and it must be deposited in advance by Demand Draft in favour of NIWS, Panaji or NEFT to Bank A/c of the Institute.

Note: It shall be totally upon the trainee to approach the Institute for Revalidation/Renewal and completing the due procedure for recertification. Institute shall, in no way, be responsible for intimating the trainee about ‘Re-test’ or his failure in doing so.
Withholding License/ CertificateLicenses and certificates issued to the trainees are sole property of this Institute. The License Holder shall be liable to carry out the operations as per the Safety Norms for Watersports Govt. of India/other rules governing watersports operations in place in India from time to time. Institute shall have full power and authority to withhold/withdraw/seize the Licenses and certificates if deemed necessary. As and when such decisions are taken by the Institute, License Holder is duty-bound to surrender those.
In event of litigations/police cases against the certificate holder on account of improper use of the License, admission to a renewal or new course shall not be considered until such time appropriate decisions are taken by respective authorities against all such pending cases/litigation that has led to withholding/withdrawing/seizure of license.

Note: Any attempt to tamper/forge/misuse the licenses and certificates of the Institute shall amount to criminal act and punishable under the Law.