Request for Course :

  1. Request can be made through email/telephone/post.
  2. Interested candidates to fulfil the eligibility requirements for the course under application.
  3. Download Course Registration Form from ‘’, duly fill-in and submit electronically/by post.
  4. Confirmation of admission shall be subject to deposit of requisite course fees.
  5. Aspirant of any course in Watersports (except repair and maintenance) to ensure that He/She is a good swimmer.

Note: Before registration, applicant may ensure that he/she fulfils the requirements for the course under request


Course Fees :

Notified fees cover only the training component. All other expenses towards attending the course like boarding, lodging etc. are to be borne by the trainees separately.

Note: Fees once deposited will not be refunded. However, applicants can request for its adjustment for a future course schedule.


Payment of Course fees :

Payable by way of Demand Draft favouring National Institute of Watersports, Panaji; Or NEFT to Bank A/c of Institute


Training Schedule :

Courses are scheduled as and when a minimum of 12 trainees have confirmed their registration


Mode of Training :

On-campus & Off-campus


Off-campus Training :

Sponsoring Agency has to fulfil the requirements as per below for undertaking Off-campus courses:

  1. There shall be attendance of minimum 12 trainees for each course or to deposit equivalent fees thereof
  2. Training schedule to be determined on mutually convenient and upon receiving required course fees and on confirmation of the terms and conditions by the Sponsoring Agency
  3. In addition to payment of course fees, the Sponsors have to bear the cost of travel, D.A, local hospitality etc. of the training team separately. It should be released directly to them as per the Rules and in advance
  4. Sponsor shall make arrangements for training equipment, accessories, fuel & oil etc. as per requirement on their cost.